More video.  I made a few more of these since the last post, but inevitably they will stay in the dark closet of a hard drive.  Here’s the second video-documented song on my YouTube channel.

The saddest days come
around the corner from
a dream you thought came true

and as the rain falls
you’re stuck in a humid room
where you watch it wash away

and I won’t ask too much
you can say what you want
and I’ll try as I can to listen

but if you come close
I could meet you
somewhere in between

I won’t look down
if you won’t look down
just keep your eyes on me

we’ll return all the things
that they gave us for free
and not owe anyone anything

If I fall down
leave me alone for a while,
so I know where I’m coming from

and don’t be surprised
if you open your eyes
to see that I’ve made my home down there