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Diary Poem 7-10-11

July 10, 2011

first I can ahead I’m at all my humid lately pay off debts or either get on one put in sold the soy and my bike milk is curdled in my cold press spinach and I would love to sweat before august and been hot seat is soaked from the shop storm being stuck in […]

Diary Poem 6-15-11

June 15, 2011

I rode on, my arts majors stashed it in storage and fell asleep lyndale was a really bumpy ride or a ride but she didn’t so meaning to bike I just randomly listened to Queen and my room is clean because into it some other podcast went to the bowling alley and ran thinking functioning […]

Diary Poem 6-14-11

June 14, 2011

butter today, watching staring and the backburner growing. few days ago. I’ve the more often now and I don’t get everything start library linux install watching myself more work to do screen but I spent way too much time grocery summer installing and reinstalling getting more sleep and start taking it into space, etc notes […]

Diary Poem 12-19-08

December 20, 2008

getting wristbanded any longer the bouncers Tonight, I got a pink chose not to stay project from places on two posters for the red coming out of a 159. with those parts your body that were band my marked up, stamped, or I bowled a new hopping intention companion and I mouth of an antler-be […]

Diary Poem December 16 2008

December 16, 2008

it was cold outside and it snowed I had to brush off mere 15 and 20 minutes long Melissa’s cat was in my apartment trying to eat my car in the wind bass and keyboards I was less depressed to get beer brought recorded over the the last two home noise in my apartment guitars […]

The Surrealist Diary Poem

May 24, 2008

I won’t make a habit out of posting these, but they’re fun. I came up with this idea a few years ago. Write about what you did today (Microsoft Word or similar works best. Notepad doesn’t) then randomly select and move stuff around until it looks like a poem. Clean it up and post it […]

A Found Text Poem

March 17, 2008

The Poetry of Recessional Desperation by Gerald Prokop ___++Let me$ show you how to get a RIGHT job _++??? #011 You Are RESOURCEFUL ? Your Playground Now Is Minneapolis / St Paul…./.,… We Want Your Opinion Trust Your Instincts Not Your Doubts Looking for the BEST Minneapolis, This is Your Lucky Day… ~~~$$Sales (Person Needed […]