The Arbitrarium Housing Cooperative

News: We have incorporated as a 308(a) non-profit housing cooperative and are awaiting our official certificate. Things are happening quickly and we will update this page as we go. About the Arbitrarium Our house has been home to various artists, musicians, and creatives in the past 13 years. We incorporated as a co-op and are […]


Content Time

I spent all winter on the code, and now I just spent the whole spring on project groundwork. I started…

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Records Section is Now Populated

I added a bunch of information to my records pages. Each release has a write-up about it and I added…

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Major Overhaul of

There will be more frequent updates coming up as the site gets put back together. The news feed is getting…

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I’m Testing The News Feed

This is an example of what will show up on the front page news widget. A long time ago these…

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Singles And Videos Are Coming

I'm switching to a smaller, but more frequent model of doing things.  For the time being, and possibly the foreseeable…

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Dalmatian Toadflax

Obvious and Afraid, 2019

September 3 Suite, 2022


Seas of Leaves

Seas of Leaves are a songwriting and recording duo consisting of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Jane Frees-Kluth, and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Gerald Prokop. They are working on their debut EP, Letters Home. Below is a teaser video for one of the songs, “Ghost Bike.” Follow the Instagram for updates as it comes together. We’ve been working for about a year […]

Prokiev Guitars

I am a musician, artist, and maker living in Minneapolis, MN. I do lots of different kinds of projects and you can follow pretty much everything I do on this site. More about me and this site.

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