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Caramel Dopamine Fauxpuccino

October 8, 2023

You know those Starbucks Frappuccino things you can buy in the little glass bottles at the gas station? Don’t get those. You can get the same dopamine hit without having to look at the Starbucks logo. You need some Bustelo instant espresso, some kind of milk, a caramel sauce or syrup, and water. Bustelo instant […]

plate of heuvos rancheros

New Mexico-style Huevos Rancheros

July 25, 2023

This is less of a recipe and more of a method.  Eggs and tortillas are great together, and I like to actually just cook them as a unit.  Hot sauce, cheese, chiles, or anything you want can go on them.  Fold it like a taco or use a knife and fork.  It’s also great for […]

peg solitaire game

Peg Solitaire

May 12, 2023

Back in middle school, I had an industrial technology class where me made our own peg solitaire game. A square board with a bunch of holes fitted with plastic pegs that were molded out of hot plastic. I solved it a long time ago, but couldn’t remember how. My dad sold his last building, which […]

Prokiev23 WordPress Theme

February 2, 2023

About:Prokiev23 is a custom WordPress theme I wrote from scratch, utilizing many YouTube tutorials and available code examples. It has a very broken-up, overly nested template structure so I can make changes more efficiently. It’s a simple, dense type of layout that is conducive to custom post types. I designed two plugins to go with […]

Daisy the Cat

Rest in peace, Daisy

October 24, 2022

Daisy the cat, aged 15, passed away peacefully after a short struggle with cancer on October 13, 2022. Daisy loved her neighborhood and all of the friends she met.  Her last summer with us was filled with many outdoor naps, leash walkies, and pets from passers-by.  At four years old, she left her home and […]

I’m recording and you get to watch.

November 14, 2011

My vacation from music is over, I’m happy to say. A long time ago, I started a YouTube channel where I was posting song sketches. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with it–or with the songs–but I wanted to try something different. I wanted to publish the groundwork rather than waiting until […]

Notes on Marx and the Project of Ideology

October 16, 2011

Today I pulled together some loosely connected thoughts I’ve been sorting out.  I’m working on a print publication–for now things will get posted here.  I’m writing a lot, but mostly I do my editing on People’s Plaza, in the cold, on limited battery power, etc., behind the Teach-In booth.  It’s an experiment. I’m acutely aware […]

Going Open Source: Switching to Linux

June 10, 2011

About a month ago, my computer got infected with the insanely messy Windows Vista Recovery virus.  This is partly my fault for being really lazy about virus protection and updates.  I hate anti-virus programs.  They slow the computer down.  Windows alone loads up your computer with all kinds of Microsoft crap and just on startup […]