It might not sound like it, but this song is an experiment. I wanted to do two things. The first was write a song where the lyrics could function on a page as prose, with punctuation instead of line breaks, etc. The other thing was using a minimalist live drum kit consisting of a snare drum, hi-hat and ride cymbals (played with brushes) alongside a drum machine for just the kick sound. I taped pennies to the cymbals for some extra sizzle.

I wrote the lyrics quickly, thinking of the times I would take long walks around my neighborhood to escape my dysfunctional home life.

The rest of the night hangs in between the leaves that catch the streetlights, in between the darkened streets I take in my hand and let go, as I pass beneath a failure of stars, lit so fuzzed out by everything. I stay far apart from the feelings that sit beside me, calm and alert to the stress building under my feet. Over the lines that divide up the days I sift through one at a time, I can’t hide. Songs in the wind whisper uselessly, in one ear and out the other side with my stride, and get sucked behind me. Pass off my fear as a phase that will fade with these nights. Time turns to time turns to time.

Getting away with the way I’m feeling, so undefined, wrong or right, and no one else’s business. All of these years turn to just another story. Time turns to time turns to time.