I haven’t posted song lyrics in a long time. Music has been coming to me at a glacial pace, leading out of the little solo project I’ve been running for way too long now. Fourtrack sketches stay on the brain, getting transfered via USB so many times I get crazy, until I write lyrics with a flour encrusted pen and sing them in the car, into the fourtrack halfway to a pizza delivery somewhere in the 40s on Grand. I have plans, but if you’re actually reading this, you must have some indication of what happens to my “plans,” so I’ll shut up about them for now.

The song is about how much it sucks to be introverted.

sometimes, I feel OK despite
my eyes bent towards the inside
I’m falling towards you in a mess
fighting the ground, flesh and the sky
you can’t see me underneath
what am I trying to find?

something somewhere I can’t see
follow this apart from me

I’ll find myself between
the failure and the sun
I’ll meet you in the middle
I’ll make that place my home
sign my heart over to me
I’m fading in and I’m fading out
I want my life to fill the screen
and to lose myself out loud

Don’t want to lose myself in
silence, somewhere far away
choking, slowly becoming
someone I don’t want to be
follow this apart from me