I’m in St. Louis, in a Motel.  Everything I needed to get out of this trip, that I could get out of this trip, I already got out of this trip, and now I’m on my way home.  There’s little more than the potential for stress left over.  I’m running out of money, and being unable to set up any more shows during my downtime, I don’t see the point of staying on the road for another week to play my solo act to two nearly empty rooms.  I cancelled Peoria and Milwaukee.

Everybody dropped out on me except for Hotel Hotel, who were awesome.  It’s been completely impossible to find bands to share bills with and venues to set things up at.  People don’t respond to emails.  People confirm plans and then back out of them at the last minute.  I’m supposed to have the punk-rock “show must go on” attitude, but fuck it.  I give up.