I’m at the Main Street Cafe in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.  I was trying to make it into Little Rock to do my blogging, but it’s not happening.  I’m plugging away a handful of miles at a time, on very little sleep, in the pouring rain, with a stomachache, my windshield wipers slipping off the edge every time, and continually asking myself, “why am I out here?”  No actual show dates have panned out until I play East Peoria, IL on 9/20.  It’s too humid to get any real sleeping done.  I’ve been stopping on the side of the road to wait out the torrential downpours, and the last time I did so, I must’ve left something on because the battery died and I had to call AAA.

I enjoyed Austin.  I don’t feel bad about not checking out the whole city.  I stuck around Guadalupe near UT in my explorations.  I ate at the Spider House twice. Thank you everyone I met/hung out with for being so cool.  I got to see the bats wake up underneath the Congress Bridge and take flight over the river.

I want to get the hell out of rain.  If I’m not playing shows I at least would like to camp and write some songs.

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