So we played the Hexagon.  It was really fun and everyone was super cool from the bar staff down to the crowd.  I was really looking forward to sharing a bill with Bouncer Fighter in particular, and to seeing Telepathos play their usual set (they had two members missing for the Beat show.)  Everybody was totally on board and I wish booking shows was always this easy.

We have no dates lined up until June.  Hopefully we’ll get something together.  I’m trying.  I have a handful of bands and a couple of venues that I’m working on.  My strategy right now is to be the organizer.  Coordinating 3 to 4 bands’ schedules together is not easy and nobody likes going on flyer runs.  There are a few bands I would really love to play with, and I’ll have to bug them a little.

If we don’t play, I have a whole list of songs to teach my band and we can work of practicing.  So that’s OK.  But best case scenerio, we keep playing every three or four weeks.


  1. Away From Home
  2. Dark
  3. Escape Song
  4. Give MN Back to Canada
  5. Separating
  6. On the Edge
  7. Insomnia
  8. Sorry About the Noise