Sarah and I played our featured spot at the Anodyne Open Mic on Friday, focusing on some of the quieter songs.


    1. Insomnia
    2. Autonomy
    3. Wandering On
    4. On the Edge
    5. Run

      Aside from the laid back cafe performance, it was a loud weekend of fun shows.  Thursday I went to the Nomad for Military Special’s CD release show.  I worked out a sweet deal with Joe, their singer/guitarist, traded CDs and got a screenprinted poster.

      Friday after the Anodyne gig, I went to the Entry to see Skoal Kodiak.  The theme: bands I’ve lost my glasses to.  Skoal Kodiak was insane.  I had a feeling the Entry would be a good place to see them.  Both shows were pretty tiring.  I don’t usually get that much energy out.

      We had practice today, getting ready for the Beat show.  I just bought a Memory Man digital delay pedal, which was giving me buyer’s remorse until I changed my strings.  The delay makes everything sound bigger, so the crappy tone of old strings just sounded like mud.  Now I can tap in the tempo to fake dual harmonizing guitars, which worked out really well today.