This was up on Myspace a while back.  Here it is again.  I worked on it heavily for Lost in the Background, but scrapped it because it was too noisy for that record.  Then I re-recorded it with a drum machine for Twenty-Eight.  Here is the original, previously unreleased version. Lyrics are inspired by my hatred for the 9-to-5 lifestyle.

we do our living on the weekends
we get up late in the morning
we’re too quiet, we’re too restless
waiting for something to happen
we cast shadows on the pavement
our words float through the cold air
we sleep when we’re tired
or when its expected

it’s like we’re not getting older
we never were younger
the past is a movie
we fell asleep watching
and I’m having a weird dream
while the alarm clock’s beeping
a girl I used to know
she seems a cross between
some actress and some stranger
and someone I don’t remember
now we’re running and we’re laughing
and we’re falling and she’s crying
then I’m sitting at a table
trying to remember
what I just spent the last
twenty seven years doing

we do our living on the weekends
and we’re not asking questions
cause the boredom is transparent
and we’re lost in the moment
and we know who we are ’cause
it says so on paper
give me a cue card and a number
and lead me to my deathbed


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