No real reference to the early 90s musical style.  More like hanging your head and feeling sorry for yourself.  It was a really quick write from the Twenty-Eight period–I think I only worked on it for a day.  I like the lo-fi sound of it.  And the depressing tone. The base recording was done on my mini tape recorder. Also, it’s not really a blues song.

Where’d you go, leaving me all alone
Where’d you go, leaving me on my own
I can’t tell just where I left off
after all this time of being lost

I’ve had far too much time by myself
I’ve had far too much of my own head
I don’t know where all my friends are now
they must be doing fine without me around

I’ll be here staring down at my shoes
waiting for anything I can use
if life is just the play between skill and luck
I tried too hard and now I don’t give a fuck.


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