I put together a project (Detritus Vol. 1) last year in order to release some old tracks I have lying around.  Mostly demo versions of songs I released in some other form or just songs I stopped working on.  I was putting them up on Myspace one at a time for people to download for free, but that’ll take forever now that I’m actually trying to promote a disc for real (Exits + Obstacles.)

So I’ll post the lyrics with actual MP3s on here, and eventually you’ll be able to download all the tracks for free.   So here’s one, from the recording sessions for the Twenty-Eight EP:

the world is spinning around
I dig my voice from the ground
we’re pacing back and forth
this isn’t what we asked for

now I’m up from my sleep
rubbing my eyes from my dreams
stumbling on what I used to be
so sure of so easily

I got a got a room of my own
my guitars and my stereo
and a number to dial up if I’m feeling alone
I’m right at home

so here I am waiting to fall again
mess myself up, take it personally
I was young once, look at the things I did
it’s over now, I gotta move on


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