I didn’t sleep last night. Instead I made final mixdowns and took a nap around noon. All trial and error is done, all recording and mixing is done except for a few slight bugs (take the vocals down a notch on one track, turn up the guitar a little on another, etc.)

This is the first song on the new record, and the only one from which I haven’t posted lyrics yet. It’s about deciding that enough is enough and moving on, whatever you might be moving on from…

I’m not giving up, just letting go
and I’m back to falling apart, now I know
I put too much trust in where I am, and not enough
in where I should be going

I don’t know how to say “let me in,
the world’s broken and I’m not giving in.”
so I’ll take the rest of my days to let you down
you put me in my place. I’ll flip it inside out.

I’ll be wandering on, but I won’t run
away from what I’ve ruined. It don’t matter much
you left the mess in my name, and walked away
but I don’t have to stay.  Watch me now–I’m gone.