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Diary Poem December 16 2008

December 16th, 2008
it was cold outside and it snowed
I had to brush off mere
15 and 20 minutes long
Melissa’s cat was in my apartment trying to eat my
car in the wind
bass and keyboards
I was less depressed
to get beer
brought recorded over the the last two home
noise in my apartment
guitars in the wind
and warm it up to get a sandwich
ate that keyboards
we drank some beer and
we cheese wrote down chords
and called up sneezed

For more about this poetry format, look here, where it started.

One Response to “Diary Poem December 16 2008”

  1. Will Conley Says:

    That’s cool. I remember that. I tried my own just now. I laughed too. Here it is:

    So. at my,
    her one day off work,
    We carried moaned awhile
    and Brittany went to bed.

    ate cereal until 4:30 in the computer.

    let me concentrate, pretty much.

    She was kind enough to unusual for me
    Then the two of us say:
    afternoon went grocery shopping.

    I worked on my much at the store.
    That’s what I’m trying to what did I do?

    and just started this week,
    I all day,
    Then again, Okay,
    I didn’t say to say.

    I woke up at ten for me.
    Marketing guess.
    have no schedule. That’s the point

    every time I wake up I woke up at a certain time it’s unusual.

    in the morning, which is unusual I
    Brittany was home let’s see, I
    at ten, sat down
    the groceries home and awake.
    Uno. bitched and I am still.

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