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I remember what this was like…

June 16th, 2008

I now have my laptop back and glass in my passenger side window.  Such simple things, but what an effect.  Now I can get back to work on my life.  Wait, do I want to do that?

I got a neck in the mail today.  $25 of Ebay.  A slightly strat-style design, but not looking too standard as far as fit.  (I lined the holes up to my Jackson and they’re off.)  Perfect for a new build, though.  I have to keep an eye on these.  Necks can go pretty cheap because they can all have slight differences.  But it seems that if you’re building from scratch, you just start with the neck and work around the differences.   New necks of standard dimensions are rarely seen under $100.

I have a show tomorrow.   As far as I know, they’re still looking for people to fill in the night.

Oh yeah.  I designed another guitar last night, after looking at Telecaster Thinline forum threads.  I designed a PRS-type body with a drip-shaped f-hole, that can be built hollow with a wood frame and masonite.  I really want to make it a 12-string, if possible.

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