Seas of Leaves

Seas of Leaves are a songwriting and recording duo consisting of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Jane Frees-Kluth, and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Gerald Prokop. They are working on their debut EP, Letters Home. Below is a teaser video for one of the songs, “Ghost Bike.”

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We’ve been working for about a year –slowly, not like we’re getting older or anything — on or first EP. We write and record as a duo. Both of us sing and play guitar and keyboards. Jane also plays banjo, and I play drums and bass. We’re hoping to get another multi-instrumentalist, as well as a bass player and drummer to join us in playing our songs live.

Right now we’re doing the final tracking. We recorded everything with scratch parts, focusing on the composition. Our first audio sample, Ghost Bike, is Jane on vocals and piano, me on vocals, guitar, bass and drums.