May 27, 2023

Content Time

I spent all winter on the code, and now I just spent the whole spring on project groundwork. I started a Medium account, released my memoir intro, my email newsletter is up and running, and I have a backlog of projects on deck to start rolling out. Also, I will be adding more content to my Prokop Art Works YouTube channel, including a tutorial on private journaling with WordPress, a tour of my network file storage, and maybe a Seas of Leaves practice set.

February 17, 2023

Records Section is Now Populated

I added a bunch of information to my records pages. Each release has a write-up about it and I added videos and audio players. Go to Records.

February 15, 2023

Major Overhaul of

There will be more frequent updates coming up as the site gets put back together. The news feed is getting built now, (hello). Other site features on deck are the records and guitar pages, posterity write-ups of past projects and trips, more merch on the support page, and reissue companion essays about It’s a Good Day to Face the Hard Things and A Call to Distract.

February 14, 2023

I’m Testing The News Feed

This is an example of what will show up on the front page news widget.

A long time ago these animals lived in the woods.  They didn’t know they lived there.  They just did.

There are just as many around today, but they are different ones.  The other ones died.

March 11, 2020

Singles And Videos Are Coming

I’m switching to a smaller, but more frequent model of doing things.  For the time being, and possibly the foreseeable future, I’m done releasing these hand-made, physical albums with conceptual themes, experimental packaging, complex liner notes and weird writing pieces.  Instead, I’ll be releasing single tracks on YouTube and and Bandcamp, combined with B-sides and original videos.  The first one on both formats is “Dream,” a droney synth and stripped-down guitar track using MBV-esque vocal tracking.  Another song, “Let Up” is on YouTube and there will be a digital single soon.  I’m working on several different types of music and songwriting right now and will probably be experimenting more than building a large project.  You can subscribe on YouTube to follow the progress.  Most songs will probably go there first.

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