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About Quelquechose

March 29th, 2008

Quelquechose literally means something stupid in French. I publish things I am working on–song lyrics and audio, writing projects or self-education plans, traveling, artwork or things I am designing and building. A lot of times I will follow through and finish a project, but that process gets slower, more evolved and more fun as i get older. Quelquechose provides a place for all the steps in between start and finish.

I live quietly in a nearly self-contained 12×12′ room in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis. I work as a self-employed residential contractor, educate myself in the fields of philosophical anthropology and landscape ecology, and work on my music and writing. I’m in a band called Yard Party. My values are aligned with Buddhist philosophy, I transport myself by bike (including road trips!) and survive on a vegetarian diet. I try to keep my role as an ecological agent in mind as much as possible. I believe that wage labor as a means of achieving necessities of survival is inherently demeaning and destructive, both on a personal and societal level and that so-called “civilized” life brings out our dark sides just as sugar brings out the flavor in kool-aid. I strongly believe that happiness is a right and not a privilege, and that all assumptions that happiness is something to be earned are absolutely the result of ideological manipulation.

My five year plan includes running an ecology-based landscaping service using my utility bicycle and running on an alternative business model that restructures the client-professional relationship in order to extend service beyond the exchange of money. See my Eco-Contracting page for up-to-date information about what my business includes.

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