St. Croix



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This page is about the album. For my post about the bicycle tour, go here.

St. Croix is a mix of improv, noise, and lo-fi with some splashed of indie pop, that I recorded during my 2021 St. Croix river valley bicycle tour. I used portable equipment. All instrumental tracking took place at campsites, and the vocals were recorded in a motel in Stillwater.


  • Prokiev Touring electric guitar.
  • Blackstar battery-powered guitar amplifirer
  • Lenovo Tab 8
  • QiBird android synth app
  • GStomper android sequencer app
  • Tascam DP04 digital four track recorder
  • The interactive public vibrophone installation on the beach at Lucius Woods Regional Park.

There is a longer story to how this record came about, and I will do a blog post about that eventually.