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In 2006 – 2007, I was planning a major upgrade of my studio equipment. I had been recording on a cassette fourtrack machine since the late 90s, and it was wearing out. I was broke, but I was trying. I saved for two years, and was able to get into a savings-matching program for low-income people who were investing in their businesses. I was able to spend $4000, most of which went towards mics, recording and computer equipment.

I hit a burnout wall a few years later, but eventually found my way back into production. I threw this compilation together at that time because what I working on (Between the Walls and the Sea) was going to take forever, and I wanted to start a Bandcamp. Also, none of these songs were in a digital download format, and nobody was going to buy the physical copies at that point. I selected the highlights from the vocal work of my fourtrack period, and it’s roughly in reverse-chronological order. I thought that Downfall had to be first and October Air had to be last.