Visual Art

In college, I had several bodies of work that were all extensions of an interest in abstract expressionism, as well as a preoccupation with these sort of postmodern filters like collage, overload, distraction and multidisciplinarity.  My first abstract drawings were influenced in concept by Kandinsky, attempting to find a visual counterpart to the post-rock and indie-jazz I was listening to.  From there I came up with a vocabulary of flat, overloaded, and layered abstract fields that I called “Combinations,” as well as gestural works blocked in by harsh, sweeping borders that I labeled my “Containment” and “Half-Asleep” series’.

My abstract work started taking on an urban landscape kind of vibe, and as I got interested in zines, photocopier art, and lo-fi music, I started using building materials and degraded urban imagery in my work.  Around 2004, I was exhibiting a lot of pieces that layered marker and interior latex paint on panels of drywall.  I also experimented with screenprinting, and made limited-edition xerography (photocopier) prints by running pages through the machine multiple times.  

There was a brief period after my bankruptcy where I was using photocopy transfers over swaths of pastel and clear medium, either of urban images or bicycle shadows.

Some of these pieces are sold, or I’m keeping in my collection, and some are damaged. However, there are many similar works that I’m willing to part with at reasonable prices, and I may offload a damaged piece for free to someone who is willing to restore it.

Some of these are available as canvas prints starting at $75.

Visual Art 2000 – 2006 Gallery: