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I wrote this song for a possible solo live project I was thinking of starting, which is why it basically consists of synth, drum machine and vocals.  Bass guitar was added at the very end.  The lyrics describe my experience with anxiety and how, like an undercurrent, it’s always there.  You just have to be careful not to get sucked into it, or you understand that something beyond your control could happen at any given point to push you back.  It’s the result of trying so hard for so long and not getting anywhere – you’re constantly in flinch mode.

I think the video speaks for itself, and it’s unique in that respect.  So far it’s the most conventional video I’ve done and maybe the least fun.  But I think the subject matter required it.

For the B-side, I started from scratch.  I just tried to get the roughest, most rudimentary guitar phrase down and then write a blues song on top of it.