Obvious and Afraid



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This record was supposed to be a full-length, but I went through a tech failure that resulted in the loss of all my data over the last ten years. What remained was the slightly imperfect test mix of what would have been side one, which I mastered and released as an EP.

It has a nice flow to it that maybe makes me think it’s better off that way. It really spans a lot of years and a lot of few and far-between recording sessions, so this is also a sort of highlight-reel of the stuff I was trying to do alongside Dalmatian Toadflax, my eviction, and my coming back to Seward. It ends with a song called “Spare” which I wrote when I had to have a car because I lived in St. Paul. Tires kept popping on me and I thought it was a nice metaphor for where I was at.

For the middle of the record, I was able to do the gapless flow thing I used to like messing with. I imagine these three songs (Live Together, Die Alone / Telstar to WMAP / Switched Up) as comprising a triptych that places a supernatural glitch event on humanity, similar to Lost or Donnie Darko, which exists because of a quantum karmic wormhole reaching back to Walter Mondale’s loss in the 1984 election. Our discovery of the big bang exists only in that altered timeline, and as a result, many of our stories are constructed solely out of the wave functions of stray radiation from that wormhole. No, I’m not high.