Caramel Dopamine Fauxpuccino

October 8, 2023

You know those Starbucks Frappuccino things you can buy in the little glass bottles at the gas station? Don’t get those. You can get the same dopamine hit without having to look at the Starbucks logo. You need some Bustelo instant espresso, some kind of milk, a caramel sauce or syrup, and water. Bustelo instant […]

plate of heuvos rancheros

New Mexico-style Huevos Rancheros

July 25, 2023

This is less of a recipe and more of a method.  Eggs and tortillas are great together, and I like to actually just cook them as a unit.  Hot sauce, cheese, chiles, or anything you want can go on them.  Fold it like a taco or use a knife and fork.  It’s also great for […]

Twenty Years in the Weeds

May 26, 2023

I had insomnia. I had a stomach ache for ten years. I had a habit of punching myself in the arm when I got overwhelmed. If I wasn’t frantically building a spreadsheet about how I was going to get my car fixed and pay my rent, I was...

big leaf aster in spring

Spring Report from the Main Entrance Gardens

May 19, 2023

It’s mid-May, what I consider to be the official beginning of the outdoor season in the Twin Cities. Despite the early-April heat spell, we’ve had a pretty cool spring.  Things got green pretty quick, and then slowed down. I put seeds down in the fall, and I’ve been watching all the cotyledons come up in the […]

peg solitaire game

Peg Solitaire

May 12, 2023

Back in middle school, I had an industrial technology class where me made our own peg solitaire game. A square board with a bunch of holes fitted with plastic pegs that were molded out of hot plastic. I solved it a long time ago, but couldn’t remember how. My dad sold his last building, which […]

cheese curds at camp site

The Art of the Minneride

April 27, 2023

I made up a word and I don’t care if there’s a better word for it.  What is a Minneride? It’s not a bicycle tour.  There’s only one stop. It’s more than a bike ride because you spend more time resting than riding. And it’s more than a camping trip, because how you get there […]

Mail Art Received Feb 2023

March 22, 2023

I just went through my mail for the first time this year. Yeah that’s right. I’m trying. I remember putting this aside because I was just starting to redesign my blog, so I didn’t want to open it until I was ready to post it. Mail Art 2023 album on my photo server. Contact me […]

Winter Bike Rehab

February 12, 2023

"If you're already in the habit of having multiple bikes, just get a winter bike." So I remembered the Roadmaster. It was laying in the weeds at my house for over year. A former housemate got it for free and left it there. I made sure it was not going to missed and took it in.