If you are looking for my window repair business, please go here: www.prokopsash.com.

This site is home to all of my creative projects. At one point it was a music site with my blog, Quelquechose, on the same domain. I ditched the name Quelquechose and just wrapped everything up in same package, with my custom WordPress theme Prokiev23 on the front-end. See this post for more info on recent site changes.

I am a multi-disciplinary artist. Since the mid-aughts, I’ve stuck mostly to music and recording. I also build guitars and electronics, and I’m a bicycle nut. I’m hoping to make more time for some of my past creative interests like painting, alt-publishing and mail art.

I was in a band called Yard Party. My band Dalmatian Toadflax is on indefinite hiatus, and I am in a new band called Seas of Leaves.

I grew up with ADD and an interest in art, music, or anything else I could get sucked into and lost in. I went to North Hennepin Community College and got a two-year degree in graphic design, and then I transferred to the University of Minnesota, where I worked on a bachelor’s degree in visual art and minor in cultural studies and comparative literature. I was active in the DIY arts scene in the early aughts with a group I helped found called Afunctionul. From there, I’ve tried to find normal jobs to fund the things I want to do, and I’ve tried to commercialize the things I want to do in order to shift the balance. To be honest, it’s been exhausting.

During a time of my life when I was working a boring, full-time corporate job, (and when I thought no one was looking,) I obsessively studied audio engineering. I also saved up for a major (for me) home studio investment so I could move on from analog four track recording. I’ve held several live sound jobs at local venues including six years at the since-destroyed Hexagon Bar.

I started a window repair business in 2012. As I had recently given up car ownership, I was able to get a small startup grant, which allowed me to buy a cargo bike for business use. I’ve been full time since about 2018.

I record at home and I live in a shared house with other creative weirdos. I like to get into the weeds with whatever I do, and so I have a lot of fragmented dabbling experience in photography, web development, electronic engineering, carpentry and furniture design, bicycle repair and maintenance, video, business development and writing. I try and document my projects as much as I can, and I’m still figuring out how to do that. If you would like to help, please visit the support page.