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The PROKIEV CDR Box Set in progress

July 8th, 2008

I’m getting this project ready for the zinefest this weekend: 10 CDRs released between 2000 and 2006 packaged using beer cases. I’m selling them for $30.

Prokiev Box Set
I got this idea from looking at info about how to glue the binding on acoustic guitars. I cover the necessary areas with PVA bookbinding glue and wrap the whole thing in one long piece of picture-hanging wire. Inside is 11 CD cases all taped together. I used 11 because I wanted room for the zine that goes with it and just to ensure that it won’t be too tight.

Prokiev Box Set
Finished box set with a sticker on the front.

eRecovery and the Prokiev Box Set

May 8th, 2008

I paid $40 to have a recovery disk sent to me. Usually this comes with the computer. Not Acer computers. You have to make one yourself with a DVD+R. I don’t have those just lying around, so I never got around to it. Oh well. I’m wiping the system clean tomorrow, and then reinstalling all my files back on there. I moved my whole documents folder to the desktop of my audio workstation for now, and I made a Mozilla backup for all my email and web settings. I think that’s it.

The box set. Look at a CD, and notice the width of the case (from the top of the artwork to the bottom.) Now look at a beer can, and notice the height. Holy shit!

So I’m going to create a box set anthology of the CDRs I released between 2000-2006, excluding discs with covers on them and one three song mini-single. That totals 10 discs, and I’m releasing it in a modified beer box. You cut a 24-pack box in four, The CDs lay inside of the short end, then you fold and glue. You wrap it over so that the spines stick out the open end. Look for this when the next release is ready. The set will include:

Sounds (2000)
Abstractions + Distractions (2001)
Humid Apartment Music (2002)
Quasi Neutral Staircase (2003)
Some Days Spent Drowsy (2003)
…With Nothing to Say (2003)
I ♥ Boredom (2003)
Signals Encoded in Magnets (2004)
I’ll Stay by the Ground (2005)
Lost in the Background (2006)