Untitled, June 28 2009

Final Title: Let Go Another one for the YouTube channel. These songs are quickly written […]


the sun is cutting up the clouds and I can’t stay awake keep drifting in […]

Cellar Door

you can’t say what’s in the air you can’t take what isn’t there and there’s […]

Untitled 6/19

More video.  I made a few more of these since the last post, but inevitably […]


Final Title: Dwell take apart this happenstance and circumvent the failed resolve moving air evaporates […]

Woken in Half

the steam comes in to rip apart the quiet of a lonely midnight sleep and […]

Nothing to Protect

warn yourself don’t take away your hell I’ll stay far away until the polish fades […]

Just Friends

One of those songs where I pretty much get all of the music down before […]


I’ve been going through new recordings and polishing up what I have so I can […]