The Calm

I’m waiting for the calm I’m stepping in the weeds I’m ready for the clouds […]

The Walks

It might not sound like it, but this song is an experiment. I wanted to […]

Tuned to the Background

it’s like it’s all there floating somewhere between the walls and the sea waiting for […]

On a Road

gone to set my sights on a sliver of darkness and lines of fading light […]

Comfort Zone

it starts and then it stops it never goes away I’m eating up my time […]

Summer Fuzz

I don’t know the problem anymore I could look forever and not see more than […]

Follow Apart

I haven’t posted song lyrics in a long time. Music has been coming to me […]


sad life awaits in the corners of the crowds everybody knows they’re gonna be alone […]

Untitled July 21, 2009

Final Title: Groundless/Flightless We hang up in the air over everything down here I won’t […]