If you are familiar with my music, (or you want to be), I could use your help.

TOTAL RAISED: $38 out of $500 (8%)

tl;dr: I had to replace some essential equipment and I’m raising money to make the payments.  Anything helps, just go to Bandcamp and buy something.  Digital products are name you price.  $10 or more gets your name credited in a video.

My Bandcamp:

Link to the $25 contribution level:

Link to the $75 contribution level:

Update (11/14/22): I have updated my equipment and am back working on music again!  I’m still raising money because I’m paying the equipment off over time and the payments are coming due.  Contribute more than $10 and receive credit at the end my the next video, which I am working on right now.

Original Post:

I’m promoting my catalog of recordings in hopes that I can raise enough money to replace a key piece of equipment that finally gave out this year.  My well-used Tascam interface/control surface has been at the center of all of my recordings since 2007 or so.  It finally crapped out last winter, just as I was starting sessions for a new songwriting project I’m working on with a friend of mine.  She lent me her little two channel thing in the meantime.

Being a recording artist who doesn’t play a lot of live shows has its drawbacks, and home-recorded, solo headphone music is a difficult thing to promote.  But that’s the music I most want to make.  I love being in a band, but that’s a different animal.  Home recording is also just how I write songs, band or solo.  It’s the form of creativity that I’ve most developed and committed to over my life.  I have a lot of time and energy logged in the recorded output I have, and I’m pretty shy about promoting myself, so I’m asking people to take a listen and decide if they would like to invest in more music in the future.

My goal is just to raise $500 to go towards replacing my broken and fried combo model with an interface and separate control surface, so I can get back into the flow.  That is not the entire cost of what I need – I have deducted what I can afford to put towards the upgrade right now.  In return I have recordings, and gifts!

If I can get 20 people to go on Bandcamp and spend $25 each, I’ve reached my goal.  Of course any amount is appreciated.  My digital recordings are name-your-price, so you can pick an album or single and choose how much you want to contribute.  Physical recordings start at $5 plus shipping.  All proceeds before shipping go towards the fundraiser.

I think you know the drill – it’s just like NPR:

Anyone spending $10 or more on a digital recording or physical project (before shipping) will get their name in the credits of the video for the upcoming single, “Hollow Saturdays”.

For $25 or more, you can order “Interface/Control,” a limited edition CD containing the six most recent singles, previously unreleased in a physical format, and including the upcoming single “Hollow Saturdays,” as well as a cover artwork bundle, lyric booklet and QR codes linking to the videos for each song.  Limited to 20 signed and numbered copies.

And if you’re feeling generous, for $75 or more, you can order the “Patron Bundle.”  At this level you will receive the “Interface/Control” CD, plus physical copies of Exits + Obstacles, Open, Between the Walls and the Sea, and Obvious and Afraid, PLUS a unique piece of personalized artwork made out of an actual circuit board from my broken Tascam.  Limited to supply.

Here’s a rundown of what I currently have on Bandcamp.

Questions Unexplained: Old fourtrack recordings from various releases through the aughts.
Digital only.

Exits + Obstacles, Open, Between the walls and the sea: Full-length studio albums.
Exits, Open available on CD and digital.  Between.. available on cassette and digital

Obvious and Afraid: Experimental pop EP.
Available on CD, cassette and digital

Dream, Let Up, Undertow, Mark I, Whispers in the Fields:  Studio tracks released individually as singles in 2020, each with a B-side, PDF, and accompanying video (on Youtube)
Digital only, except for the limited edition “Interface/Control.”

September 3 Suite: Three tracks composed for and recorded ahead of a live loop performance on 9/3/2022.
Digital only


And what is Hollow Saturdays?  It’s not out yet.  Contributors will be the first to hear it.  I’m proud of it because it’s pretty stripped down and it sort of sounds like Wilco with dreamier vocals.  The video will come out after this campaign, with all of the contributors’ names listed in the final credits.

And if you’re not familiar with my music, start with Mark I or Dream, and give Obvious and Afraid a front to back listen.  Also, the Mark I B-side, Shelter in Place is a unique and weird smooth-soul thing that was really fun to do.

I hope to be spending the winter with my fingers on the faders.