Final Title: Let Go

Another one for the YouTube channel. These songs are quickly written and recorded to video via a crappy webcam and a crappy MP3 recorder, which are then manually synched in Windows Movie Maker. It’s kind of weird, but I’m going for a sense of immediacy in a very convoluted way. I still don’t know what songwriting path this is heading down, but it seems like it’s becoming something.

I’m writing a lot the past year or so about the connections between people. Being such a chronic loner, I feel like I have a love-hate fascination with the subject. I also like really simple stories that are suggestive rather than implicit. For this one, the phrase in my head was one I’ve heard a number of times: If you love something, give it away.

set myself aside
the loneliness of a worn out mind
I’m doing just fine
I’ll set the lights to half as bright

side to side
one last time, stay by my side we’ll take a ride
keep your eyes straight ahead and I’ll let go

beneath the open sky
where clouds roll by to dissipate and die
left and then the right day after day till I’m out of sight

Original Demo:

In Progress Recording: