the steam comes in to rip apart the quiet of a lonely midnight sleep
and a dream I thought I held onto flew past me like a secret I can’t keep
and somewhere out there somebody’s got somebody else to fall asleep next to
and somewhere out there somebody else is waking up alone again
and through wondering,
“why is it worth it to even try?  what’s the use?”

but I’m inside the darkness of a space my mind’s projecting into time
the streetlights casting shadows through the lines between the spaces in the blinds
and the conversation in the hallway carries through the atoms in the air
my voice is inside out, I’m turning over through the scene,
and I’m not there.
Let me be brief,
in the calm between my sleep,
I’m falling.

in the life inside you give away a thought to pass a moment to yourself
and I won’t be caught with eyes to steal the soul of what the light makes obvious
a synapse and a nervous spark indebted to imaginary things
we wake up and we waste it but I’m half asleep, alive and empty
I can’t say where else I’d rather be