I’ve been going through new recordings and polishing up what I have so I can work on them.  I just finished up the lyrics to this one–probably my newest song and the only one so far not written on guitar.  It only has a piano and dance-type drum machine beat right now.  I started writing it literally as I was waking up one morning.

there was a time
back inside of the broken past
to sift away
all the things that never last
it’s frozen there
taking cues from a memory
it’s got me taking myself apart

now that you’re gone,
you’re reminding me of everything
that’s not around
and the nervous air that’s in between
my lazy eyes

I’m trying to catch up

we used to talk
in the random space on a faded line
that never took
what was yours from what was was mine
I feed these walls
with stale projections from the past
I’m trying to find myself in there