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Blog Update Complete

April 3rd, 2008

I’m finished installing, updating, configuring, coding, reinstalling, swearing etc. As you can see the new blog is up and running at its permanent location. Permalinks are on, RSS should be all set, and I can get on with my life. In the process of all this I got a little primer in PHP, SQL, XHTML and became a lot more familiar with CSS.

The theme you see here is an almost completely reconfigured version of the Kubrick theme that comes default with WordPress. Basic structure is the same. I changed all the images and most of the text styles and rollovers. I made custom bullets (the peach donuts) and made the formatting a little more dense.

Another cool thing is that WordPress allows you to edit the timestamp. That means I could add all the old posts dating back to when I started the Blogger version, and put the time stamp in the past so any permalinks from before should work, if there are any.

I’ll be phasing out LiveJournal shortly.

Web Stuff, Work

March 11th, 2008

I added the Archives page on my web site, which so far includes a PDF of the 2003 manifesto, “A Call to Distract.” It will eventually include old exhibit catalogs and text files.

Today at work, I was trying to sand the ceiling in this bathroom my brother did some work in. The sanding block slipped off my hand, so I jumped off the ladder, picked up the ladder and threw it against the wall. Then I started hitting the wall. I’m not going in tomorrow. I’m going to drive around and look for different work. It’ll most likely ruin my whole day.

New Blog Feature

March 10th, 2008

As you may already know, I switched to Blogger. I set the new version up on my own hosting account and it’s active at

Go there and check out a new feature I added: Look down towards the bottom right. I now have a Last.Fm playlist embedded in the sidebar, including tracks from several of my records. Hear the noise. Buy the record. That’s what it’s all about.

More music on Last.FM

March 8th, 2008

I beefed up my profile on, and you can now stream and preview lots of my records both old and new:

  • Twenty-Eight
  • Sorry About the Noise
  • Lost in the Background
  • I’ll Stay by the Ground
  • I Heart Boredom
  • …with nothing to say
  • Signals Encoded in Magnets
  • Abstractions + Distractions
  • Humid Apartment Music

Check it out at