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Some Things I’m Looking Forward to Doing in September:

August 6th, 2009
  • Washing my clothes in strange laundromats
  • Recording noise guitar under the pitch-black skies of rural New Mexico
  • Writing songs in a tent
  • Buying single servings of milk to eat my cereal with
  • Drinking whiskey from a metal flask
  • Being in cities and having little to no agenda
  • Taking smaller highways, taking my time and going through the centers of small towns
  • Going for a swim instead of showering
  • Making a different mix CD off of my laptop for every few days I’m on the road
  • Taking more photographs in week than I’ve probably taken all year
  • Small moments of positive boredom
  • Trying to grill dinner at a wayside reststop

A Five Month Plan

May 11th, 2009

A little over a year ago, I was ready to up and quit Minneapolis, feeling that I couldn’t sustain a career for myself here.  It’s hard to do well here if you don’t fit somewhere on a corporate ladder.  Not that I have high ideals of success for myself, but I want different things than most people, which means I have to try a little harder just to stay afloat.  In short, Minneapolis doesn’t know what to do with me.  I stayed because it’s an easy place to call home, and because I was broke and couldn’t afford to move.  Then I decided that if I could afford to move, I would just travel instead.

I’ve never been on a road trip by myself besides weekend trips to Madison, etc.  This year it’s a possibility because I actually have a job and my life’s expenses are small.  So I’m going on a trip in September.  Best case scenario, it’ll be a tour and I can play a string of shows around the southwest and the midwest.  Worst case scenario, I hang out on the road, stay in campsites and record music on a portable fourtrack.  Most likely it’ll be a little bit of both, and no matter what, I’ll have at least two weeks off of work and away from home.

I have to stay on budget, which includes getting my car fixed up and getting all my bills paid up to and through October.  And putting the next record out as a small CDR edition.  My collection of synths, keyboards and effects boxes are going to have to wait, as are my in-progress guitar building projects.