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The Delivery Driver is Watching You Hibernate.

January 4th, 2009

Once I realized that it was inevitable for me to spend another winter in Minnesota, I decided that I was going to try and remain mobile and active once the cold weather hit (i.e. not subject to the hibernation habits of typical Minnesotans).  Not that I was particularly mobile and active in the summer, but regardless, being out and about is more important in the winter.  Especially given the fact that I’m already prone to depression.  And that my attempts to seek out relationships have thus far amounted to disappointment, to say the least.  Point being: I can’t afford an entire season by myself.

So I find myself looking for shows on the internet when I get off work.  I’m calling all of my friends and asking what their plans are.  I’m reading books at bars.  I’m going bowling by myself.  It’s a lot of work.

One thing that helps, though (and I cringe when I say this) is my job.  I drive pizza around.  I don’t have to dread going out.  I’m already out.  People I know want to stay inside rather then brave the weather to try to get somewhere.  I’ve been in the weather all day.   Being in a cozy bar watching a band sounds pretty good after spending 10 hours driving the same slushy streets over and over.

I go home, have a beer and change my jeans, and I’m ready to go do something.  I get down to my car and it’s still warm.  I don’t ever work before 11 am, so it’s pretty hard for me to get too excessive, since anywhere I would go closes by 2 am.

It’s all relative.  So far this has been the best winter ever, just because I haven’t really had time to dwell on how much it sucks.

Rift Magazine Review

November 23rd, 2008

Below is a link to Rift Magazine’s review of Exits + Obstacles by Nelson Heise.  Check it out:

Also, the Current played “Dark” on tonight’s local show!  Not that I need to blog every time a track gets airplay, but this was the first time I heard my own song on the airwaves while listening to the radio.  I was delivering a pizza in Elliot Park and forgot where I was going!

Things That Spin in Circles

October 15th, 2008

1. Vinyl Records.  I bought a turntable, then went to the Needle Doctor to fix it.  I realized I never ruined a record, but I have plenty of CDs that are scratched up to all fucking hell.

Today I bought:
Radiohead - Hail to the Theif
Elliott Smith - XO
(both of which I have scratched CDRs)
Bettie Servert - Lamprey (out of print 90s record on yellow vinyl I found for super cheap)

2. CDs.  The old plastic compromise.  I pack ‘em up with printed uncoated paper to bring some dignity to it all.  It’s all on YouTube.

3. Four wheels under a steel box.  I’m going to Madison this weekend for the big Madison Zine Fest.  I’m tabling with zines and CDs and playing an acoustic house show.  I haven’t yet been out of the state as a clear-headed thirtysomething.

4. Dough in the air.  I start a new job at Uptown Pizza tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to returning to life outside of chains-ville and still getting paid to drive my car.  Pizza delivery is a cool job because people are less likely to be in a sour mood when you’re bringing pizza to their door.  Especially when it’s awesome pizza.

Things and food in time and space

October 7th, 2008

I’ve been moving into my new space the last week or so.  A handful of copies of the new disc are out to press and stores, and I have yet to get the rest out.  I finally got to the point today where my recording stuff is set up and ready for when inspiration hits.  My project table is set up and ready for more CD assembly.  I just need to get the kitchen to where I can eat–a lesser priority.

Speaking of inspiration hitting–I’m quitting my night job, and probably my day job too, in favor of a full-time weekend job, delivering pizzas in Minneapolis.  I’ll have Mon-Wed all to myself to do whatever the fuck I feel like doing, which will most likely be recording, building guitars, and sleeping until 1 p.m.  Plus my commute time will go from a total of about 60 miles to about 3 miles.