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A Day on Bike

August 12th, 2008

I completed everything on yesterday’s list.  Except for going to work.  My car is on hiatus.  I want to say it’s something simple but last time I thought that, I didn’t get the car back.

I’m continuing to drag out this “final mix.”  I even went so far as attempting a re-do on a vocal track around 9 p.m., before throwing my notebook across the room when my voice cracked.  There’s alot to be said for being calm and taking things naturally.  That said, even if this album could still use major adjustments, it’s done.  This one is what it is at this point and the place for any new insights is in the production of the next one.  But no promises–I may still go for a quick redo before biking to the mastering studio.

Music and pineapple

August 5th, 2008

I’m still mixing, but I’m down to making minute changes that I probably wouldn’t even notice if I hadn’t listened to these songs a million times already.

In my spare time I’ve been watching DVDs of the USA Series Psych, and as a result I was reminded of my taste for pineapple.  If you’ve seen the show you might understand this.  Today I had pineapple soda that I found at the Dale and Selby Superette.  Fuckin’ awesome.

Done Done Done

August 1st, 2008

Last Mix

The final step on the road to success, for all I know about the subject, is deciding which baggage to drop right before the finish line. As far as Exits + Obstacles (the new CD) is concerned, that baggage was the 16-bar guitar solo occurring about halfway through the track “Shadows.” I cut it out and pushed everything over and magically the album is done. That was the last track on my 10 day final mixing marathon. Today I had to mix two, since I skipped yesterday. Tomorrow I’ll give one last listen to “Shadows” and make a few quick edits and then it’s off to mastering and time for me to find some decent employment.

The record should be ready for release about one month from now, but I’m thinking late September would be good. October sucks.

Sleep Late, Call In, Mix

July 23rd, 2008

I took the day off today because, despite my attempts at getting to sleep before midnight (which didn’t work because my brain started probing the dark spots) I didn’t actually wake up until after noon. I have also been a little stressed out because I’ve taken so much time away from mixing while preparing for the zinefest, Milwaukee and live shows. So last night I wrote out my schedule for the next ten days. Today I mix one track. Tomorrow another. And so forth. Focusing on one track per day might take away some of the stress. Today I laid down a perfect three-part vocal that I’ve been struggling with for months. You never know when things are going to fall into place.

Speaking of Milwaukee, I posted two videos of my performance in a punk basement on MySpace TV.

Gratuitous Information

May 23rd, 2008

I’m running out of songs to post. I’ve been going back and forth between mixing and re-doing takes. I’m having a horrible time trying to get good distorted guitar sounds recorded. I think I made some progress today, right before I was nearly knocked on my ass when my downstairs neighbor’s CB started interfering with my amp. I’ve also been writing harmonized guitar parts, for fun.

The new record will definitely be a full length (40-60 minutes or so) with 10- 12 tracks. I have a title for it, which is a secret. The release date is a secret too. I haven’t even told myself yet. Sometime this summer I hope.

I still don’t have my computer. Geek Squad sucks. They sent it in without the receipt, which I gave them. Then it got sent back. I had to bring the receipt again (which I watched as they put with somebody else’s computer until I corrected them) and now it’s going to take another week and a half. Never buy anything from Best Buy.

There’s a new free download on my MySpace. A track called “Alone,” which I recorded early into the “Twenty-Eight” sessions. “Living on the Weekends” is still up for now, but that will be taken down once I decide what the “single” from the new record will be.

I have a bunch of half-hatched plans in my head that I don’t want to say anything about yet.