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Saturday Night

February 2nd, 2009

The Detritus downloads continue. Here’s an old track about winter and being bitter about others’ social lives and your own lack of one. I wrote it in 2006 for the “Lost in the Background” CD (the album title came out of the lyrics.) I didn’t include it in the end, partially because I couldn’t get over the obscure art-history reference I made to the daguerrotype by Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre, “The Boulevard du Temple” (1838). It was the first photograph ever taken of a person, simply because the long exposure time removed the moving crowds from the photograph, leaving only the single person who was standing still the whole time. This romanticized the idea of an anti-social artist to me.

they crowd into the streets
they fill up tables and their chairs
they laugh and smile among their friends
they walk around in pairs
they lose themselves in conversation
so young and alive
they’ll wake up in the morning, easy
everything is fine

but somewhere there’s a lonely drifter
small among the crowds
he’s quiet in a corner
simply lost in the background
like a long exposure photograph
from the 19th century
of a Paris city street
he’s the one that you can see

I gaze outside the window at the cars and ice and snow
listening to the sounds from the apartment down below
I’ll place a melancholy CD in my bedroom stereo
the evening is still young, but it’s not like I would know

someone out there has found a lover
someone else refilled their drink
but I guarantee those crowded bars
won’t leave you room to think
yeah, but thinking’s got the best of me
I just wish I could relax
for now I’ll transfer nervous energy to the tape
in my fourtrack

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Living on the Weekends

December 10th, 2008

This was up on Myspace a while back.  Here it is again.  I worked on it heavily for Lost in the Background, but scrapped it because it was too noisy for that record.  Then I re-recorded it with a drum machine for Twenty-Eight.  Here is the original, previously unreleased version. Lyrics are inspired by my hatred for the 9-to-5 lifestyle.

we do our living on the weekends
we get up late in the morning
we’re too quiet, we’re too restless
waiting for something to happen
we cast shadows on the pavement
our words float through the cold air
we sleep when we’re tired
or when its expected

it’s like we’re not getting older
we never were younger
the past is a movie
we fell asleep watching
and I’m having a weird dream
while the alarm clock’s beeping
a girl I used to know
she seems a cross between
some actress and some stranger
and someone I don’t remember
now we’re running and we’re laughing
and we’re falling and she’s crying
then I’m sitting at a table
trying to remember
what I just spent the last
twenty seven years doing

we do our living on the weekends
and we’re not asking questions
cause the boredom is transparent
and we’re lost in the moment
and we know who we are ’cause
it says so on paper
give me a cue card and a number
and lead me to my deathbed

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Shoegazer Bluez

December 8th, 2008

No real reference to the early 90s musical style.  More like hanging your head and feeling sorry for yourself.  It was a really quick write from the Twenty-Eight period–I think I only worked on it for a day.  I like the lo-fi sound of it.  And the depressing tone. The base recording was done on my mini tape recorder. Also, it’s not really a blues song.

Where’d you go, leaving me all alone
Where’d you go, leaving me on my own
I can’t tell just where I left off
after all this time of being lost

I’ve had far too much time by myself
I’ve had far too much of my own head
I don’t know where all my friends are now
they must be doing fine without me around

I’ll be here staring down at my shoes
waiting for anything I can use
if life is just the play between skill and luck
I tried too hard and now I don’t give a fuck.

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Right at Home

December 7th, 2008

I put together a project (Detritus Vol. 1) last year in order to release some old tracks I have lying around.  Mostly demo versions of songs I released in some other form or just songs I stopped working on.  I was putting them up on Myspace one at a time for people to download for free, but that’ll take forever now that I’m actually trying to promote a disc for real (Exits + Obstacles.)

So I’ll post the lyrics with actual MP3s on here, and eventually you’ll be able to download all the tracks for free.   So here’s one, from the recording sessions for the Twenty-Eight EP:

the world is spinning around
I dig my voice from the ground
we’re pacing back and forth
this isn’t what we asked for

now I’m up from my sleep
rubbing my eyes from my dreams
stumbling on what I used to be
so sure of so easily

I got a got a room of my own
my guitars and my stereo
and a number to dial up if I’m feeling alone
I’m right at home

so here I am waiting to fall again
mess myself up, take it personally
I was young once, look at the things I did
it’s over now, I gotta move on

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Detritus Online Mess

December 3rd, 2008

I started this weird website many years ago.  Originally it was intended to be an art review site called 879.  My friend Valerie and I started it and then it just kind of died.  So I turned it into a dump for all kinds of work and information.  I changed it to Detritus in 2006 and now I moved it over to my domain so I can start adding to it.  I’m going to post some old and new tracks on it next.