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The Jackson Re-build

June 22nd, 2008

I’m refinishing my Jackson, and in the process converting it to a hardtail-bridge, three-single-coil Strat format guitar. I’m doing a real hack job and I’ve documented half the process. Photos…

Before. HSS pickup layout and floyd rose bridge routing a la 90’s wannabe shredder rock. The hardware was cheap and stripped, rendering the guitar nearly useless.

Paint Stripping
I stripped all the paint by hand using a sanding block and 60-grit. Everything in my apartment got covered in dust.

Down to 120 and then 180.

I called someone I know who has a wood shop in Stevens Square to route out the cavities. I didn’t have a template and I’ve never used a router before, so the edges got fucked up. I just cut blocks of alder to approximate size to fit in the new cavities.

I used a chisel to remove the extra wood to fit the blocks, and accidentally knocked out a huge chunk from the back. I pried it out and glued it back in.

Adding Wood
Once the blocks fit (enough) I used a shitload of glue and clamped them in place one at a time, letting each side set for 24 hours. Then I used my dad’s belt sander to get it flush with the body.

I'm a Hack
I fucked up on the back. It got all wavy from me not holding the belt sander right. This is why I did the back first!

But I TryTo Cover it Up
I used lots of wood fill everywhere to get it even. This is my kitchen table. I eat here, pay my bills and shit, and now I sand wood here too. I’m questioning my lifestyle.

Sanded it again by hand with 120, and primed it with cheap rustoleum primer. Maybe it’s time to work on recording again.

A Found Text Poem

March 17th, 2008

The Poetry of Recessional Desperation
by Gerald Prokop

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________ Just Imagine…..*
Got Work Ethics? Get Rewarded for your efforts low risk ~ huge rewar -
Are you L@@king?
Motivated? Outgoing? Customer service oriented?
@@$$ Profe&ssional Sales Rep + Big Bonus_$$..
NO experience necessary. Will train. 60-100k ENTRY level.
$$$$$ Summer Work $$$$$

Arranged out of the first 100 job postings in the Sales category on Mpls/St.Paul Craigslist.