Payday Loans Payday Loans

Diary Poem 7-10-11

July 10th, 2011

first I can ahead
I’m at all my humid lately
pay off debts
or either get on one put in sold
the soy
and my bike
milk is curdled in my
cold press spinach
and I would love to
sweat before august
and been hot
seat is soaked from the shop
storm being stuck in a pizza
money in I need and
It’s a three
farmers market of the month
second savings, or
any mixture to get some moon
do some writing
of time money cycle today
I was thinking of awesome pears
but I don’t think hitting plants are alive
makes me starting

For more about this poetry format, look here, where it started.

Diary Poem 6-15-11

June 15th, 2011
I rode on, my arts majors
stashed it in storage
and fell asleep
lyndale was a really bumpy ride
or a ride but she didn’t
so meaning to bike
I just randomly
listened to Queen and
my room is clean
because into it some other podcast
went to the bowling alley and ran thinking
functioning I went thundering
later so I get a beer

bike to lake work
raining didn’t do much of anything I really need to do
Levi the parking lot
I guess I can start that now
both hanging Morrissey
really loud, out in my dishes
when I got home
I woke up correctly

For more about this poetry format, look here, where it started.

Diary Poem 6-14-11

June 14th, 2011

butter today, watching
staring and the backburner
growing. few days ago.
I’ve the more often now
and I don’t get everything
start library
linux install
watching myself more
work to do
screen but I spent way too much time
grocery summer
installing and reinstalling
getting more sleep and start taking it
into space, etc

notes for the books it never can
I keep telling myself
the weather is nice to spend all
stock up trip
back at no operating system,

back to meanwhile

my room is a mess and everything organized
the library, but it’s on
bring them on
the introductions

been easy
getting more sleep and
I just keep giving
my flowers are
but it never happens
I just keep giving myself
the library, but with no operating system

For more about this poetry format, look here, where it started.

Diary Poem 12-19-08

December 20th, 2008
getting wristbanded
any longer the bouncers
I got a pink chose not to stay project
from places on two posters for the red
coming out of a 159.
with those parts
your body that were band
my marked up, stamped, or I bowled
a new hopping intention
and I mouth of an antler-be
where you gon that
verified by bingo dot, only
I also drew snake tongues
at the end of the night
you wouldn’t stay tag
club the animal of some sort

For more about this poetry format, look here, where it started.

Diary Poem December 16 2008

December 16th, 2008
it was cold outside and it snowed
I had to brush off mere
15 and 20 minutes long
Melissa’s cat was in my apartment trying to eat my
car in the wind
bass and keyboards
I was less depressed
to get beer
brought recorded over the the last two home
noise in my apartment
guitars in the wind
and warm it up to get a sandwich
ate that keyboards
we drank some beer and
we cheese wrote down chords
and called up sneezed

For more about this poetry format, look here, where it started.

The Surrealist Diary Poem

May 24th, 2008

I won’t make a habit out of posting these, but they’re fun. I came up with this idea a few years ago. Write about what you did today (Microsoft Word or similar works best. Notepad doesn’t) then randomly select and move stuff around until it looks like a poem. Clean it up and post it somewhere in the vast infoheap of the interwebs. Today’s:

that james. tracks I did
some work
tried to sleep
broke and loud amps
goes only so far
then made a mess
I still don’t
way to watch a schedule for drums

working one to see and no
now I’m no money
that’s my life.
mix movie.
quiet, yes but have my commy fuck no.
loud amps. and no
but what about no money eyes?
yes, but
I still don’t have my computer