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No more lemon sour?

January 19th, 2009

Today I found $100 that I forgot about.  Must’ve been my tips from New Years.  So I decided that instead of just buying my normal 12 of Black Label on my shopping run, I’d get some liquor too.  One of favorite (and cheaper) things I like to make are whiskey sours, with Schweppes Lemon Sour and Jim Beam.  But, I was informed that Schweppes Lemon Sour has been…


What the fuck?  I did a google search and saw that it’s even being sold on Craigslist.

So instead I figured that if I’m not going to mix whiskey with anything, I might as well get something I don’t mind drinking straight:  Jameson.

I got groceries too.  Watched some 30 Rock on Netflix, played some piano, programmed the drum machine so Sarah and  I can cover “Loneliness” by Ed Harcourt, made a new cable (a 50-foot Y adapter) for my sound system and cleaned my apartment.  A productive day off, but fuck if I’m not pissed at Schweppes.