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Hangovers and Work Days

December 27th, 2008

I’ve been going out a lot the last three weeks or so.  Overcompensating for the lure of hibernation.  Nervous energy.  Social prospects.   I’m getting my hangover control down to a science, I think.  The trick is to force yourself out of bed early, drink a tall glass of water, take one Tylenol, one Aspirin and a St. John’s Wort.  Then it’s back to bed for an hour, and then a sausage and egg breakfast with butter and juice and another glass of water.  St. John’s will work throughout the day to keep me from dragging.  On days that I work, I eat a couple slices of pizza and drink a big Gatorade.  And then there’s turning the radio up really loud and laughing about all the stuff that happened the night before, and everything that’s happening outside my car.

Last night I decided it would be funny to park my car in the street, facing traffic.  I got a police complaint on the hood, which looks like a ticket except you don’t have to pay anything.  Hilarious!