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Bullet Points to Accompany the Dead Space Between my Obligations to the Service Industry

December 30th, 2008

Being a pizza delivery driver, I must peak my activity when most others are dragging in theirs.  When most people get back to business, I get a break.  I’m learning that no matter what role we play in the capitalist society, it’s still the same damn game.  Fuck it all.

An attempt to transpose:
The square weekend is roughly from 5 p.m. Friday until about 8 a.m Monday.
My weekend is typically from 10 p.m Sunday until anywhere from 11 a.m to 4:30 p.m on Wednesday.

So, here’s my best attempt at creating for myself a comparable transgression into freedom (weekend):

  • I caught the last two songs of the Knotwell’s set at the Turf Club, assuming the show would be going on until at least 1 a.m.  Luckily I didn’t have the pay the cover charge.  I bought a beer and talked to an old acquaintance and then left.
  • At the CC Club, I read more than I cared to get through of Chuck Palahniuk’s Novel, “Survivor,” as I’m getting kind of bored of it.
  • I Completely cleaned my entire apartment from one end to the other.  I’m not talking about just picking up trash and dirty clothes.  EVERY piece of furniture got moved and dusted.  When the rug under the drum set gets shaken out, you know it’s serious.
  • I Bowled two consecutive games scoring 123 at Memory Lanes, during the first of which I succesfully picked up a 7-9 split for the first time ever.
  • I got at least halfway through “The Communist Manifesto” with an increasing interest in the subject, seeing as how I’m trying my best to party on a Monday night.  (Why is Punk Bowling night at Memory Lanes on Monday?  Because it’s so punk rock to drink and bowl while the Squares [Bourgeoisie] are going to bed.)
  • Also at Punk Bowling, I was sitting at the bar, drinking PBR and reading Marx, and I was offered a free PBR.  I said yes and I got a free sticker and a tall boy.  She admitted, when I asked her, to being “out marketing.”  Not very punk rock, but then again it’s free beer, and thus, a toss up.  What is punk if not a conflicted ideology anyway?

By the way, all of the above took place by myself.  Seems everyone I know (with the exception of the acquaintance I ran into at the Turf Club) is just too Bougie.  Oh well.

Weird Snowman and Loud Music

December 28th, 2008

There’s this weird-ass snowman across from the CC Club. I snapped some shots of him today while I was record shopping.

Weird Snowman

I bought LCD Soundsystem: Sound of Silver.

Hangovers and Work Days

December 27th, 2008

I’ve been going out a lot the last three weeks or so.  Overcompensating for the lure of hibernation.  Nervous energy.  Social prospects.   I’m getting my hangover control down to a science, I think.  The trick is to force yourself out of bed early, drink a tall glass of water, take one Tylenol, one Aspirin and a St. John’s Wort.  Then it’s back to bed for an hour, and then a sausage and egg breakfast with butter and juice and another glass of water.  St. John’s will work throughout the day to keep me from dragging.  On days that I work, I eat a couple slices of pizza and drink a big Gatorade.  And then there’s turning the radio up really loud and laughing about all the stuff that happened the night before, and everything that’s happening outside my car.

Last night I decided it would be funny to park my car in the street, facing traffic.  I got a police complaint on the hood, which looks like a ticket except you don’t have to pay anything.  Hilarious!

Diary Poem 12-19-08

December 20th, 2008
getting wristbanded
any longer the bouncers
I got a pink chose not to stay project
from places on two posters for the red
coming out of a 159.
with those parts
your body that were band
my marked up, stamped, or I bowled
a new hopping intention
and I mouth of an antler-be
where you gon that
verified by bingo dot, only
I also drew snake tongues
at the end of the night
you wouldn’t stay tag
club the animal of some sort

For more about this poetry format, look here, where it started.

Restraint in Art and Life

December 19th, 2008

So I have this idea, and it involves incorporating art into your everyday lifestyle, as opposed to the other way around where you build your lifestyle to make room for art.  I guess that means throwing out your preconceived notions about the creative process and letting the circumstances of your existence dictate the details like when, where, for how long, what materials to use, etc. It’s not my natural line of thought, but over the years I’ve come to realize that you can’t discipline creativity.  It’s best to approach the creative process on it’s terms, not yours.  So many tracks for Exits + Obstacles, I would run my wheels into the ground working on them only to find that the song was uninspired to begin with.

So with a new approach to the division between art and life, I’m beginning to exercise my visual muscles again.  I decided on one simple rule as I create new pieces:  whatever you do, limit it.  If I decide I like newsprint, make one drawing and put it away.  If one photo looks really cool photocopied, it doesn’t mean I should gather ten of them and then go to Kinko’s.  My new idea is restraint.  When you really like something, it’s best to take a few steps back from it whenever you can.  Let it breathe and be itself.  Anytime you try to overuse something, it’ll become something it’s not.  Of course, I’m not just talking about art here!

Anyway, there’s theory and practice.  We’ll see where the line is drawn on that one.  There’ll be a running set of images on my Flickr page as this progresses.

Cartoon Animals on the World

December 17th, 2008


Animals on clear sticker paper. If you want some just email your address to me. They go anywhere they shouldn’t.  Here’s the project in action via Amtrak to DC.

Diary Poem December 16 2008

December 16th, 2008
it was cold outside and it snowed
I had to brush off mere
15 and 20 minutes long
Melissa’s cat was in my apartment trying to eat my
car in the wind
bass and keyboards
I was less depressed
to get beer
brought recorded over the the last two home
noise in my apartment
guitars in the wind
and warm it up to get a sandwich
ate that keyboards
we drank some beer and
we cheese wrote down chords
and called up sneezed

For more about this poetry format, look here, where it started.


December 15th, 2008
circle around, falling down into yourself
you lose what you love
you hold it in, to suffocate
I wanted more than I knew how to explain
from you, and now I watch as you’re backing away

autonomy is a myth you live inside
you let someone in, close the door
run and hide
I wanted more than you were willing to give
I admit defeat
I concede
Let me out


December 14th, 2008

Winter Suck

What a shitty day to be getting over a cold and a girl at the same time…

Light to Tired Eyes

December 13th, 2008

I’ve been handing CDs of half-finished tracks to my friends the past couple of weeks. This one was on a lot of them, but without the lyrics:

place your bets on what we discovered
running through this life
I’m bending backwards, and it takes forever
I can’t forget this time.

what’s beginning, and what’s now over?
I can’t let it go.
looking forward, what demands attention?
light to tired eyes.

I found a place inside my redundant mind
where I can’t fall asleep
the sparks are brighter, the days are longer
spent inspired to dream