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May 23rd, 2008

I’m running out of songs to post. I’ve been going back and forth between mixing and re-doing takes. I’m having a horrible time trying to get good distorted guitar sounds recorded. I think I made some progress today, right before I was nearly knocked on my ass when my downstairs neighbor’s CB started interfering with my amp. I’ve also been writing harmonized guitar parts, for fun.

The new record will definitely be a full length (40-60 minutes or so) with 10- 12 tracks. I have a title for it, which is a secret. The release date is a secret too. I haven’t even told myself yet. Sometime this summer I hope.

I still don’t have my computer. Geek Squad sucks. They sent it in without the receipt, which I gave them. Then it got sent back. I had to bring the receipt again (which I watched as they put with somebody else’s computer until I corrected them) and now it’s going to take another week and a half. Never buy anything from Best Buy.

There’s a new free download on my MySpace. A track called “Alone,” which I recorded early into the “Twenty-Eight” sessions. “Living on the Weekends” is still up for now, but that will be taken down once I decide what the “single” from the new record will be.

I have a bunch of half-hatched plans in my head that I don’t want to say anything about yet.