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Damn it! Fuck!

May 7th, 2008


My laptop is fried.  This sucks.  I spent all night trying to figure out what was wrong, deleting stuff, uninstalling things, changing settings.  It’s fucked.  I have to take it to Best Buy (where I bought it) and hopefully it’s something simple.  I’m only writing this because I’m borrowing my dad’s wireless card temporarily for my new computer.  Now I’m on little sleep and I have a stomachache and I have to go to work.

It seems like any progress made in my life is met by something else going south.  If anything I’ll put it in safe mode, grab my tracks and go into digital seclusion.  Or it may not be that bad.

While I was up last night, I came up with an idea involving making boxed sets of old CDRs and Black Label boxes.  More on that later.

Fuck this sucks.